Medical Advisory Team

We are proud to be associated with these outstanding physicians that are working actively to unlock the genetic basis for this disease.  It is through these efforts that a treatment and cure will one day be developed.

  • J. Paul Taylor, MD, PhD. – St Jude Children’s Research Hospital  Memphis, TN
    • Clinician and neurogeneticist with experience in rare diseases such as IBMPFD and Kennedy’s Disease.
    • Five years experience in research with IBMPFD.
    • Contributing author on a number of published journals on various neurodegenerative diseases.
    • Recent IBMPFD developments include genetic studies (animal models) using Drosophila melanogaster and mice to further knowledge of VCP-related disease.
    • For more information, see Dr. Taylor’s page at the St. Jude website.  
  • Michael G. Benatar, MD, PhD. – University of Miami     Miami, FL
    • Chief of Neuromuscular Division
    • Clinician and researcher with experience in motor neuron diseases such as ALS.
    • Contributing author to recent journal identifying linkage of VCP/IBMPFD to a clinically diagnosed ALS patient.
    • Ongoing research into crossover impact of VCP/IBMPFD into familial ALS.
    • For more information, see Dr. Benatar’s page at the University of Miami website.