The Foundation’s Name

You may be wondering why this isn’t the IBMPFD Foundation or at least have some disease-based naming convention.  How does one transition from seeking a cure for a genetically caused illness to naming its foundation the “Eagles Fly Foundation”?  The foundation was established to transcend the current status of this disease that has no cure today.  It is to provide hope and inspiration to patients and families as well as researchers and clinicians that are seeking answers to this centuries old fatal illness.  Additionally, with increasing knowledge about this disorder, the disease known today as “IBMPFD” may change and be named something different in the future.  With this said, the need for a name to fit a transcendent foundation was needed.  Since 90% of affected patients demonstrate a debilitating muscular weakness, the concept of regaining strength is one that should resonate throughout the patient population.  In seeking a cure, we want to regain strength.  We want to walk again without assistance.  We want to run and jump again.  The Biblical verse found at Isaiah 40:31 provided the next piece of the puzzle.  It states “those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”  Soaring on wings like eagles is an uplifting concept of freedom.  And for those bound to a wheelchair or other assistive devices, freedom like this is a tangible concept and goal for a cure. The song titled “Eagles Fly” provided the final piece to the naming puzzle. The name “Eagles Fly Foundation” captures the spirit of Isaiah 40:31, creates an image of freedom in soaring eagles, is concise and to the point and thus the foundation was named.

The logo was designed to complement the name and tie all of the concepts together that the foundation represents.  The cause of this disease is a genetic mutation that is represented by the strand of double helix DNA at the center of the logo.  Stretching out and upward, seeming to lift the foundation’s efforts in search of a cure, are the mighty “wings like eagles”.  This foundation is to be active and the outstretched wings extending beyond the circular logo represent the irrepressible spirit of the eagle and of mankind.  Red was chosen as the main color of the logo to tie in laboratory efforts that are underway in search of a cure.  Many patients have provided blood and other samples to researchers which made red very appropriate.  And, it has been said that there is no substitute for red.